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    Critical Research Steps to develop an effective Research Proposal – Guide
    It can be very frustrating when you work hard on an assignment and still get a bad grade. Some professors are very picky and give your assignment a good grade only if you have checked all the right boxes. Make sure you thoroughly read your instructor’s guidelines for the assignment.
    What are research proposals?
    Research proposals can be thought of as a war strategy before going to war. It is an academic assignment where you have to justify to the professor why your research is necessary. A research proposal also includes practical ways in which you intend to approach the research problem. A proposal requires loads of research; thus, a reader should want you to go forward with your research after reading your proposal.
    Tips to Develop Research Proposals

    1.     Research

    Once you have finalized your research topic, it is time to conduct thorough research. Look for relevant articles and books that discuss the problem at hand. You need to demonstrate an excellent knowledge of the subject to convince the professor that you are ready to research. It is wise to read a few sample papers related to your topic to get a better understanding of your proposal.

    1.     Scheduling

    Your research paper will require you to balance your time and work so it is better if you start this practice with a research proposal. A proposal is a tough document to write so you need to start from day one. Estimate how much work you have to do and balance it with how much time you have. You should complete your proposal around 2-3 weeks before the deadline to make any necessary changes. Keep in mind that working for 30 minutes daily is much better than working for 10 hours per day when the deadline is near and you aren’t ready.
    Format to follow
    You first need to prepare an outline that you can use to quickly write your final draft. A lot of students don’t even know how to start an essay. Stick to the format and start your paper with an attractive title page that contains all the required information such as title, your name, the instructor’s name, etc. 

    1. Use convincing language

    Your proposal should hook the reader from the beginning and persuade them to invest in your research. You might ask yourself “how to write my essay convincingly?”. Make your paper relatable by using persuasive phrases, rhetoric, and analogies. You must convince the reader that your research is original and finding out the answer to the research question should be everyone’s utmost priority. You must also prove that you are capable of handling such a tough research project.
    A proposal is written to prove that you are capable of handling the research project. You have to make sure that the language you use convinces the reader that you have the required knowledge. The time schedule you present needs to be easy to follow. When your proposal is accepted, you must follow through on each promise. If you think that you won’t be able to convince your professor, ask an online paper writing service to write your proposal for you.

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